The Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area is a coalition of arts providers and their allies in the San Francisco Bay Area promoting quality arts education.


Our Mission

Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area (AEABA) works to strengthen the education and well-being of children and youth through involvement with the arts. We view the arts as core to learning, and as essential tools for reforming and revitalizing education and communities. We advocate for arts for every child, every day so that all San Francisco Bay Area children reach their full potential and become engaged and productive citizens of the 21st Century.


"Art is fundamental, unique to each of us. Even in difficult economic times, especially in difficult economic times, the arts are essential."



AEABA organizes professional development workshops, networking events, monthly newsletters, a blog, and arts education advocacy events. Events are free for all members to attend.

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What We Do

AEABA provides a forum for an exchange of information and ideas among the broader arts education community and works in collaboration with San Francisco Unified School District, community-based organizations, City agencies, and funders to advance the education and well-being of students through involvement in the arts. Additionally, it serves as a unifying voice for a dynamic local community, comprised of arts organizations, educators, parents, students, and business and community leaders committed to transforming the role of arts education in the San Francisco Bay Area.



AEABA grew out of Arts Providers Alliance San Francisco (APASF), which served the local art providers community since 1994. In the Fall of 2015, APASF merged with the San Francisco Alliance for Arts Education, the Local Advocacy Network (LAN) of the California Alliance for Arts Education, and became the Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area. We are a member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection provides resources, community and cultural space in order to contribute to the sustainable practices of artists and arts organizations the San Francisco Bay Area. We are also grateful for support from the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Our Leadership