Nominations for the ArtCare Arts Learning Achievement Award due Dec 1

ArtCare: The Friends of the San Francisco Arts Commission is launching the ArtCare Arts Learning Achievement Award to recognize exemplary arts education projects serving Pre-K to 12th Grade students in school or community settings.

An award of $2,500 will be presented at the 2020 San Francisco Arts Education Resource Fair on January 29. Of that, $1,500 will be award to the arts education or community program and $1,000 will be given to the lead teaching artist (or team) on the project.

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Congratulations to the Dream Catchers

The Dreamcatcher awards are the Oscars of arts education in San Francisco. The Visual and Performing Arts Department of the San Francisco Unified School District is proud to recognize arts education leaders from various parts of the community, including arts teachers, school arts coordinators, principals, administrators and community arts partners.


They began presenting the awards in 2007, the same year that the Arts Education Master Plan was released. The 2018 awards were presented on March 15 at the community reception for the SFUSD Arts Festival in the glamorous grand hall of the Asian Art Museum.


Sketchnotes by Todd Berman, marker on paper.

The Future of Arts Ed Partnerships in San Francisco

A guest post by Donn Harris.

The 2016-2017 school year is about to open, and the changes for San Francisco Unified are bigger than expected. Each year brings its particular flavor of change and transition, but the opening of this year was unusually momentous. Like many changes, these carry with them a sense of accomplishment and pride on the one hand, and the bittersweet sting of departure on the other.

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