VAPA in transition :: Notes from our policy roundtable

Notes from our September 6, 2019 Arts Education Policy Roundtable featuring Sam Bass, director of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department of the San Francisco Unified School District.

Bass gave a presentation about his own leadership story and exciting VAPA initiatives, then we broke into smaller groups to discuss how to address district challenges.

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Working together on the Teaching Artist Shortage

Who here has noticed a teaching artist shortage? 

Everyone raises their hand.

We met for our bi-monthly Arts Education Policy Roundtable meeting on April 7. On our agenda: The teaching artist shortage and advocacy issues. The discussion about the teaching artist shortage had such momentum that we went ahead and spent most of the meeting discussing that. Some of the ideas raised are captured below in three sections:

  1. Teaching Artist Shortage: sharing experiences,

  2. Teaching Artist Shortage: ideas for solutions,

  3. Advocacy

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