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Design of the Title Page in the Master's Thesis

The first page of the master's thesis is the title page, designed to acquaint the attestation commission with the work and water. Here, without fail, basic information about the study and creator is displayed:

  • Educational institution, on the basis of which the formation of a master student took place - full name;

  • Mastered specialty and / or main department to which the graduate is attached;

  • Type of research - master's thesis (indicated in capital letters in bold type);

  • Subject;

  • Information about the scientific supervisor of the project;

  • Information about the passage of normative control (signature of the chief normative controller with decoding);

  • Information about the author of the project: full name, group;

  • Place and date of protection.

An example of the design of the title page of the master's thesis

The university has the right to supplement the main elements of the title page by requesting to indicate on it the data about the reviewer, the date of defense, etc. Therefore, it is appropriate to clarify the procedure for preparing the first page of the master's thesis directly at the university: at the department, with the supervisor, in methodological recommendations.

Moreover, often in the last file there is a sample of this section, which is enough to re-register "for yourself". In fact, there is no single form for the title page of a master's thesis, suitable for each student or author. There are only general rules for its design.

Additional preparation for the defense of the master's thesis

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare a written version of the study, having issued it in accordance with the current canons and rules in the form of a master's thesis. Carefully double-check all data for correctness, reliability, relevance and formatting. Self-analysis will not be superfluous and will minimize the number of improvements.

For the defense of the master's thesis, it is important to provide not only the main project, but also additional elements:

  • Abstract for the master's thesis - a brief description of the work done and the results obtained;

  • Presentation and/or handout;

  • Copies of own publications on the research topic, published in scientific journals and used in the performance of research (self-plagiarism, self-citation);

  • Reviews/reviews.

Be sure to submit the study for verification to the supervisor, and only then pass the normative control.

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