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2nd Monday of the Month, 4:00pm - 5:00pm*
Sept. 13 | Oct. 18* | Nov. 8 | Dec. 13 | Jan. 10 | Feb. 14 | March 14 | April 11 | May 9 | June 13

Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area’s Community Circle for Arts Education is a responsive, inquiry-based, space of connection that brings together arts providers, educators, administrators and organizations from across the San Francisco Bay Area. These monthly online gatherings will provide our arts education community an opportunity to collectively strategize, troubleshoot and offer mutual support. We will equally focus on listening and connecting, seeing what emerges when we can show up and work collectively to shape our broader Bay Area arts education ecosystem.

*We will meet on Oct. 18th due to Indigenous Peoples Day on the 2nd Monday


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Aimee Espiritu, M. Ed. launched Espiritu Consulting in October 2017 rooted in her satiable quality to connect things. This process has been a lifelong pursuit of insight to bring people closer to something: to each other, to a place, a history, to the future, and to purpose. Raised academically in Industrial Design, she gained the means to solve problems with a product design lens. During her years in public education, she began grasping the principle of bringing people into the center of inquiry. Ultimately, her drive to use creativity as a tool for re-imagining how organizations and people can enhance their social impact has fortified her design acumen of human-centered interaction. This experience has ignited her over 2 decades - committing herself to the work as a strategist / organizational designer / creative consultant. She brings 14 years of management in nonprofits, school districts, museums, foundations and government institutions. Aimee's consulting practice lives at the intersection of arts and culture organizations, racial equity, strategy and thought-partnership.

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