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We’re working to CONNECT our Bay Area arts education community by making our events visible to each other through the AEABA Community Calendar. 

(Please note: AEABA posts professional learning and networking events on its calendar and does not post arts education programs/classes or fundraising events).

To submit an event for the calendar, create a Google calendar event on your computer with the Title, Dates and Times. Please include the following key bits of information in the Event Description section:

    Include the words REGISTER HERE linked to your event page or registration. 

    Type this below the REGISTER HERE LINK in all caps and bold it. 

  • Deadlines & Cost
    If there is a deadline or cost for attending, please highlight and bold that information. 

  • Event Description
    Below the EVENT TITLE you can include a short event summary (less than 100 words) and relevant links to presenters and/or your organization’s website. If this event is for a specific audience (ex. Teaching artists, young artists, executive leaders, etc), put that in the event title or at the top of the description. We want to help you reach your intended audience. 

  • Contact Person
    If there is a contact person, please include email and/or phone number for follow-up.

Once you have finished and saved your event, invite [email protected] as a guest and be sure to click the option to send an invitation via email.

Allow up to 5 business days for your event to appear in the AEABA Community Calendar. Once your event has been added, it should look like the example below:

How to post on AEABA's community calenda
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