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The Table With Walls, Carolina Zamora

Zamora describes how the sensory table in her pre-Kindergarten classroom at Rockridge Little School enable her students to play and take risks, which sets the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful exploration and education. What a great way to set the philosophical foundation for all the presentations we saw that night, March 16, 2017, on the theme of Student Voice. Community Power. We're now looking for presenters for the 2018 show.

With a background in sculpture, art making and art practice are at the core of Carolina Zamora’s teaching. She worked as a museum educator leading in-gallery experiences for children in addition to coordinating a Teaching Artist Residency program at the Guggenheim Museum. She is now an early childhood educator working in Oakland and continues her art practice in ceramics.

sketchnotes by Todd Berman, mixed media on paper, 8" x 10", 2017

This event was produced by the Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area with support from the San Francisco Arts Commission and Leap - Arts in Education, and was generously hosted by the Museum of African Diaspora.

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