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Time for a new Executive Director

Dear members and community,

It is with great optimism that I will be stepping aside as Executive Director of the Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area in May, 2020. There are a couple of reasons why I have made this decision that I would like to share with you.

The first reason is so that I will have more time to focus on the practice of arts education in my roles as an instructor with the Integrated Learning Specialist Program, as director of the Where Art Lives program, and as a freelance specialist in arts integration.

The other reason I am stepping aside is because it will benefit AEABA. I am a white cis man in a position of authority in a profession that is predominantly female serving a population of Bay Area youth that is predominately people of color. I believe that AEABA will be better able to represent the interests of our constituency when our leadership shares more cultural connections with the diverse communities we serve.

I am proud of what AEABA has accomplished since I became the director in 2015. Over the last five years, AEABA has grown its membership, its budget, and its geographic reach. Thanks to our past and present Board of Directors, the organization has continued to innovate, adapt, and respond to the concerns of our members. Even though our name and acronym are a mouthful, our brand is strong. Thanks to our members and our expanding list of funders and partners, AEABA has healthy finances, thriving relationships, and tremendous potential.

AEABA is now launching a search for a new Executive Director. A job description is posted on our website and our Board of Directors is accepting applications. Please, spread the word to your favorite passionate change-makers who know how to get things done with efficiency. This part-time position comes with the opportunity to have a big impact.

We plan to have a new Executive Director in place by our membership meeting and spring celebration on May 22. I will continue to work for AEABA through June so that there will be a seamless transition. And, I will be a member of AEABA for many years to come.

When one person is supported in making art that expresses their passions and connects them with their communities and their heritage, it can save their life. When everyone has access to a robust arts education, it will save our society. Together, we can realize that vision.

Creatively yours,

Todd Berman

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