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We all win with the Teaching Artist Guild Asset Map

Okay #YayArea, it’s time to show those other cities what’s what. The Teaching Artists Guild has launched a tool that will be tremendously useful for all levels of arts education - if we all participate. The Teaching Artist Asset Map allows us to create profiles as individual teaching artists, arts education organizations, and arts education programs. The design is slim and uncluttered, but has room for a ton of information.

  • This tool will help clients find arts education programs.

  • It will help teaching artists find jobs - there is an “available for hire” button for your profile.

  • It will help organizations find local teaching artists.

So we really want to see all of our members and future members, organizations and individuals, to log in and make a profile. Well maybe in all the excitement we got a little carried away in our Facebook comments?

So, we commented on a Facebook post from Teaching Artists Guild, maybe with a little bravado. But then NYC Arts in Education Roundtable (the big apple equivalent of AEABA, except much bigger) went and threw a West Side Story GIF at us 😲!

So yeah, we had to respond in kind. Right? Right?

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