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Support the Arts at Your School

for Families, students, and teachers



  • Volunteer to fundraiser, guest teach, hang an art show, support performances and more.

  • Find your allies at the school and nearby.

  • Get to know your school Arts Coordinator or volunteer to be that person.


  • Partner with local artists, arts organizations, and community groups (see Take Action page for groups in your city/region).

  • Screen Arts is the Root at a PTA or School Site Council meeting.

  • Form an Arts Committee comprised of parents, teachers, and administration to assess current programming, set goals, and implement an action plan.


  • Lead community listening sessions to incorporate the arts in school/district Local Control Accountability Plans. CA Alliance for Arts Education provides resources for this and more about CA Local Control Funding Formula advocacy efforts.

  • Coordinate trips to Sacramento to attend Arts Education policy events.

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